Today’s Headlines

  • Daily News: Failure to Reauthorize Speed Cameras “Would Be Downright Criminal”
  • Marty Golden Busy in Albany Trying to Gut Accessibility Rules for Uber Et Al (Politico)
  • Drunk Trash Hauler Veers Off Street, Pulverizing Sidewalk, Trees, Cars in Borough Park (PostNews)
  • Once Approved, Fair Fares Shouldn’t Take Long to Implement (WNYC)
  • Brooklyn Spoke: Present Street Safety Projects to Community Boards, But Don’t Seek Permission
  • Cop Who Drove Drunk and Killed Vanessa Raghubar Released After 4 Months in Jail (NYT)
  • Rumor Mill: Uber Might Outbid Lyft to Acquire Motivate (Axios)
  • Looks Like Times Were Tight at Ben’s Best Deli Before the New Bike Lane Showed Up (News)
  • Drivers Can’t Figure Out That the Bike Signal at 3rd Street and PPW Isn’t for Them (Bklyn Paper)
  • LOL Nothing Matters (Atlantic)

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