Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Will Continue to Rot as Long as Cuomo Is in Charge (NYT, WSJNY1Post)
  • GothamistNY1NYT Examine the Byford Plan; Related: Post
  • Millionaire Status Is Another Joe Lhota Conflict (Post)
  • Golden’s Support for Speed Cameras Comes With a Raft of Conditions (Eagle)
  • How Developers Are Luring Residents With Bikes (Metro)
  • If NYC Cared About Sidewalks the City Would Take Responsibility for Them (Advance)
  • DOT Program to Utilize Dead Space Under Highways Starts With Gowanus Expressway (Patch)
  • Details Scant After Driver Injures Person Walking in Port Richmond (Advance)
  • People You Share the Streets With (Post)
  • Gene Freidman, Small Fish (NYT, WaPo)

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