Today’s Headlines

  • Unborn Child Injured by Dorothy Bruns Has Died (News, BK PaperPost)
  • Cops Knocked a Man Off His Bike With a Car in Queens (Bicycling); Alternate Reality: News
  • Trottenberg: New Meter Zones Will Raise Parking Rates in High-Demand Areas (Post)
  • Lousy NYC Transit Is Pushing More People to Share Ubers (Politico)
  • NYPD Acknowledges That Cops Usually Ignore Bus Lane Blockers (NY1)
  • Straphangers Want 24/7 Buses When the L Shuts Down (News)
  • Johnson/Nixon Twitter Campaigns Target de Blasio/Cuomo on Transit (WNYC)
  • The MTA Can’t Say If Removing Seats From E Cars Had Any Effect (AMNY)
  • Gonzalez Files Assault Charges Against Drunk Curb Jumper Who Injured 4 (News)
  • Randall Manor Residents Want Traffic-Calming After Series of Severe Crashes (Advance)
  • John Massengale on How European Cities Reclaimed Streets for People (NYT); Meanwhile: Gothamist

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