Today’s Headlines

  • Paul White: Dockless Bike-Share Must Come With More Street Space for Cycling (AMNY)
  • Related: We’re Looking at You, James Oddo (Advance)
  • Related: Developers Expect Dockless Bikes to Raise Transit Desert Property Values (Crain’s)
  • Brad Lander Wants Clarity on MTA Signal Repairs (KCP)
  • New LIRR President Phil Eng Speaks With the Times
  • NYPD Ignores Law Requiring Department to Reveal Fare-Beating Arrest Data (News)
  • Lawmakers Revive Effort to License Undocumented Immigrants (SOP)
  • Why Are Vehicles Used on Public Streets Capable of 100+ MPH Speeds, Again? (AP)
  • WSJ: Is Human Life More Valuable Than Street Parking? Who’s to Say!

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