Today’s Headlines

  • Streetcar Boosters Are Anxious — City Hall Insists Work Continues “Behind the Scenes” (NYT)
  • Dorothy Parker, 65, Victim of Vicious Hit-and-Run, Dies of Injuries, Gets Blamed By NYPD (Bklyn Paper)
  • Action Carting Racked Up Thousands of Violations While Raking in Millions From City Hall (Bklyn Paper)
  • How Big Will Brooklyn-Based Jump Bikes Get Now That They’ve Been Acquired By Uber? (Crain’s)
  • Newsday: Cuomo Has to Finish the Job on Congestion Pricing Next Year
  • Mitchell Moss Likens Cordon Toll to “Trump-Style ‘Wall’ Around Manhattan.” OK! (Post)
  • At 110th Street, MTA Rehabs Another Subway Station Without Adding Elevators (AMNY)
  • MTA Wants Better Info From Train Crews on Causes of Subway Delays (News)
  • Car-Free Day: Bigger Than a Street Fair, Smaller Than Summer Streets (AMNY)
  • E-Bike Rules Getting Clearer in NYC, Still a Muddle in Albany (Velojoy)
  • Tour the Unprotected Bike Lane Network in Kew Gardens Hills With Transit Ninja

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