Today’s Headlines

  • Fox 5 Pressures de Blasio to Answer for Street Cheats; Related: Blah Blah Blah (AMNY)
  • Subway Ridership Drops for Second Consecutive Year (NY1)
  • Cuomo Is Starving His Own “Subway Action Plan” (AMNY)
  • There’s Only One Andy in Charge of the MTA and His Last Name Ain’t Byford (NYTNews)
  • Having the MTA Chair on the Payroll Working Out Well for MSG (Politico)
  • MTA Pledges to Investigate Fantastical Vertical Conveyance Technology (NY1)
  • Voice Examines Cuomo Plot to Loot City Coffers for Transit System He Steals From
  • De Blasio Puts Unreasonable Conditions on Road Pricing Support (Crain’s)
  • Cuomo Wants New Metro-North Stop for Orange County Mall Where a Bus Would Do (Post)
  • Justice Advocate Rips “Progressive” de Blasio’s Hard Line on Fare-Beating (News)
  • NYT Prints Subway Commute Complaints, Seeks a Shred of Hope
  • City Says Safer Prospect Park West Sidewalk Not Worth the Price Tag (BK Paper)

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