Today’s Headlines

  • Andy Byford Impresses With Attentive Performance at First MTA Board Meeting (AMNY, NewsPost)
  • Didn’t Take Long for Cuomo and Lhota to Put Byford in an Awkward Position (News 1, 2AMNY)
  • Yesterday’s Big Subway Disruption Really Was a Con Ed Power Problem (AMNY)
  • NYT: It’s Long Past Time for Congestion Pricing
  • Crain’s: Do Whatever It Takes to Get Congestion Pricing Through Albany
  • Nicole Gelinas on How to Make the Fix NYC Congestion Pricing Plan Better for NYC (Post)
  • WNYC Wants to Hear From the People Clogging the Most Transit-Accessible City Streets With Their Cars
  • Leaked Doc Suggests Trump Infrastructure Plan Would Upend Gateway Funding Arrangement (Politico)
  • New York’s Most Loathsome NIMBYs Show Their Ugly Side to the Times
  • Drivers of Illegal Oversized Rig Critically Injures Man on Amsterdam Ave; No Charges (News)
  • Leonia, NJ, Has Started Its Rush-Hour Ban on Non-Resident Drivers (NYT, Post)

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