Today’s Headlines

  • Partnership for NYC: Traffic Costs City $20B a Year (Post)
  • NYT on Crosstown Bike Lanes: People Have Died — But!
  • Justin Davidson: Pedestrianize Broadway and Get Cars Off Residential Blocks (NY Mag)
  • Brian Kavanagh Doesn’t Want the BQX to Interfere With BQE Rebuild (Bklyn Paper)
  • 7 Train Riders Will Lose Express Service for Track Repairs (News)
  • New COs Assigned to Precincts in Manhattan and the Bronx (News, Post)
  • NYPD Catches Sociopaths Who Hit Officer With Mercedes in Times Square (Post)
  • Teenager Charged With Attempted Murder for Severely Injuring Cop With Stolen Car (NY1)
  • Drunk Driver Gets 5 to 15 Years for Killing SI Woman on BQE (News, Advance)
  • Medallion Owners Got the News and Crain’s to Run Very Similar Anti-Uber Op-Ed
  • People You Share the Streets With (Advance)

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