Today’s Headlines

  • Motorist Fatally Strikes Jun Sum Yim, 77, in Flushing and Flees (News)
  • Former Staffer Says Jeff Klein Forcibly Kissed Her in 2015 (HuffPoNYT, Politico)
  • Weather Blamed for Consecutive Days of Subway Meltdowns (Post)
  • De Blasio’s Road Pricing Contortions Get Politico’s Attention
  • More on the Mayor’s Big Oil Dog and Pony Show: NYT, Voice, PoliticoNewsPost
  • Plan to Have Other Subway Lines Absorb L Riders Already Working Perfectly (NY1)
  • Phil Murphy Looks Ready to Clean House at NJ Transit (NBC)
  • New City Council Investigative Unit Might Probe Placard Abuse (NYT)
  • Paul White: Icy, Slushy Sidewalks Lay Bare NYC’s Screwy Safety Priorities (C&S)
  • Attn Medallion Owners: CBD Congestion Was Terrible Before Uber Existed (Crain’s)
  • Private Shuttle Bus Services Set Up Shop in Jersey (NYT)
  • Northern Boulevard: Bike-Hating NIMBYs Dial Up the Crazy (QNS)
  • Safe Streets Hero Caroline Samponaro Leaving TransAlt for Bike-Share Company Ofo (Crain’s)

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