Today’s Headlines

  • Inside the Subway Construction Racket That Robs New Yorkers Blind (NYT)
  • Daily News to Cuomo: Fix Transit With Congestion Pricing and Cost Control
  • NRDC and the Nation to de Blasio: Time to Throw Your Weight Behind Move NY Toll Reform
  • TransitCenter: Pair Congestion Pricing With Improvements to Subway and Bus Service
  • An “Uber Fee” Is Necessary But Not Sufficient to Clear Manhattan Gridlock (NYT, News)
  • Jeff Klein and the IDC Unveil Their Plan to Stall Action on Congestion Pricing (AMNY)
  • Gateway Update: Trump Yanks the Football Away From Cuomo and Christie (Crain’sNews)
  • Will Subway Station Agents Adapt and Work Outside the Booth? (NYT)
  • BQX vs. BQE (Bklyn Paper)
  • Meet the People Who Have No Business Shaping the City’s L Train Shutdown Plan (Villager)
  • FDNY Bypasses Midtown Gridlock With Mini-Ambulances (NYT)
  • De Blasio’s E-Bike Crackdown Is a National Disgrace (AP)

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