Today’s Headlines

  • DiNapoli: Fare Hikes Coming Unless MTA Gets New Revenue Streams (PoliticoNews, AMNY)
  • De Blasio Still Determined to Burn Resources on Streetcar (Post)
  • Driver Surrenders for Killing Jean Paul Guerrero and Fleeing Scene (NY1Post)
  • QNS Sounds the Alarm Over Potential Loss of Life Parking in Sunnyside
  • DOT Begins Installing Traffic Circles on SI’s Greeley Avenue (NY1)
  • Motorist Killed by Another Driver Over Parking Lot Dispute in Brooklyn (News [Graphic Pic], Post)
  • E-Bikes Are Verboten in NYC But Crashing a Van Into a Storefront Is Legal — and Hilarious (News)
  • Business Owners Complain to Brooklyn Paper About Fulton Street Bus Lane Proposal
  • Taxi Driver Says TLC Makes It Difficult to Operate an Accessible Cab (KCP)
  • Where Were You When the New Staten Island Mall Parking Garage Opened? (Advance)

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