Today’s Headlines

  • Your Commute Sucks Because the MTA Was Designed to Shield Pols From Accountability (Voice)
  • Post: Where Has Cuomo Been for the Past Six Years?
  • Spiraling Debt Alarms MTA Board Members (Gothamist), But Not Chair Fernando Ferrer (DNA)
  • Signal Problems Shut the C Train for Hours Yesterday (NBC)
  • Amtrak Big Explains Pending Penn Station Work (News, GothamistNY1, WNYC)
  • Christie’s NJ Transit Preemptively Blames Amtrak for Delays (Politico)
  • Brooklyn Residents and Developers Are Drifting Away From the L Line (NYT 1, 2)
  • DNA Surveys the Sad State of MTA Elevators
  • Bike Snob: Bronx CB 8 Joins Cranks in Rejecting Broadway Improvements in Riverdale (TransAlt)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver David Dinkins Settles Suit With Cyclist (Post)
  • This DNA Piece on Curb Dysfunction at LICH Demolition Site Will Make Your Head Hurt
  • Official Briefs Cities Today on How DOT Is Developing Freight Policy

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