Today’s Headlines

  • No One Knows When Penn Station Will Be Functional Again (NYT 1, 2; PoliticoNewsPost)
  • Nicole Gelinas on Train Derailments as the New Normal (CJ)
  • Several Dock-Less Bike-Share Companies Looking to Launch in NYC (Post)
  • More on Council’s Proposed Bike-Share Expansion and Discount Fares (AMNYNews)
  • NY1: Uber Bill Included in State Budget Deal
  • Drivers, 2 Unlicensed, Critically Injure People in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan (News, DNA, DNA)
  • Fourth Ave. Trucker Kills Street Tree (Bklyn Paper); Carjacker Mayhem Round-Up: News, DNA
  • NYPD Looking for Motorist Who Injured Child in Staten Island and Fled Scene
  • Advance Holds Social Media Trial for Kids on Bikes
  • Desperate, Distracted Drivers All Part of the Uber Business Model (NYT)
  • Forget It, Placard Holders — It’s Chinatown (Boogie)

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