Today’s Headlines

  • Trump’s Budget Threatens Big New York Transit Projects (NYT)
  • Drunk, Unlicensed Driver Kills Cyclist Gelasio Reyes in Sunnyside (News, ABC7)
  • Meanwhile, NYPD’s in Bike Crackdown Mode (ABC7)
  • Pedestrian Islands and Signalized Crossings Coming to Busy Stretch of Jamaica Ave (DNA)
  • The State of Subway Elevators and Escalators Is Not Acceptable (Post)
  • Chinatown Bus Company Yep Tour Sues City for Discrimination (DNA)
  • Turning Bus Driver Seriously Injures 52-Year-Old Woman in Ridgewood (News, DNA)
  • Drunk Driver Who Killed Bus Driver Convicted of Manslaughter, Not Murder (News)
  • Abolish Parking Placards (Post)
  • The Times Did an Empathy-for-Trump-Voters Story About Queens CB 4 Member Ann Pfoser Darby
  • Most People Who Kill With a Car Never Face Penalties as Steep as These Cyclists Who Rolled Reds (Gothamist)

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