Today’s Headlines

  • SUV Yellow Cab Driver Kills 87-Year-Old Man on Lower East Side (Post)
  • De Blasio on 111th Street: “This Plan Is Ready to Move, So We’re Going to Move It” (DNA)
  • NYT to Cuomo: Sheridan Expressway Replacement Must Be a Livable Street
  • Albany Lawmakers Are Hot to Pass an Uber Bill (Politico)
  • Rockaway Ferry Service to Begin in June, Start Dates for Other Routes TBD (AMNY)
  • NYC Taxpayers Spend Hundreds of Millions to Maintain Bridges Drivers Use for Free (DNA)
  • TransAlt and Gothamist Announce Winner of 14th Street Design Contest (AMNY)
  • Chair of CB 9 Committee That Muffed Vote: There Will Be “No Bike Lane” on Franklin Ave. (DNA)
  • Driver Distraction and Failure to Yield Are Leading Causes of Crashes in Staten Island (Advance)
  • Drunk Internal Affairs Officer Crashes NYPD Vehicle in Queens (News)
  • Motorists, Civilian and Police, Are Determined to Park Illegally on Jay Street (Bklyn Paper)

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