Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo “Optimistic” About Potentially Disastrous Uber Bill (NYT)
  • Is TWU Chief John Samuelsen in Cuomo’s Pocket? His Predecessor Thinks So (Voice)
  • MTA CFO’s Testimony on Declining Bus Ridership Is Really Depressing (News)
  • Ydanis: Expand Citi Bike With Public Funds (Crain’s)
  • Subway Service Is Far Worse When You’re in a Wheelchair (NYT)
  • Removing Trash Cans From Subway Stations Didn’t Stop People From Littering (AMNYNY1)
  • There’s No Valid Reason to Raise the Speed Limit on Ocean Parkway (NYT)
  • DOT to Install Neckdowns and Median Islands at Intersections in Bayside (QNS)
  • New Yorkers Are Plagued by Unhealthy Traffic Noise, Says Interactive Map (Gothamist)
  • Is Trump Dumb Enough to Poison the Air His Own Family Breathes? Signs Point to Yes (WNYC)
  • If Cuomo Is So Smitten With Antique Transport, He Should Try It More Often (Post)

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