Today’s Headlines

  • Assembly Bill Would Allow Local Regulation of Uber and Lyft (Politico)
  • To Promote Ferries, de Blasio Trolls Subway Riders (@2AvSagas); Soundview Residents Ready (NY1)
  • Will GWB Bus Terminal Developers and PANYNJ Keep Latest Appointment With the Public? (DNA)
  • IBO: NYC Could Raise Money by Cutting Bus Routes, Hiking Camera Fines (News)
  • AMNY Profiles DOT Initiative to Brighten Public Spaces
  • Attorney for Matthew von Ohlen’s Alleged Killer: My Client Is a Bike Lobby Victim (DNA)
  • Unlicensed Curb-Jumper Who Killed 4-Year-Old Ariel Russo Could Soon Be Driving Again (News)
  • Tow Truck Driver Critically Injures 81-Year-Old Woman in Flushing (News); DNA: “Truck” Also 81
  • MTA Crash Victim Struggles to Survive as Samuelsen Attacks Right of Way Law (NBC)
  • What Happens When Your Precinct Issues 4 Truck Route Summonses a Year (NBC)
  • People You Share the Streets With (@kathrynthomsPost; Advance 1, 2, 3)

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