Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD on Defense After Hit-and-Run Trucker Kills Pedestrian (News, News 12, DNAPost)
  • Uber Driver Arrested for Killing Henry Boimel, 67, in Queens Crosswalk (DNANews)
  • Preet Sues NYC DOT for Racial Discrimination (Politico)
  • Post: Straphangers Will Pay Higher Fares So Cuomo Can Look Good
  • Wasting Money on Synchronized Bridge Lights — Cuomo Wasn’t Kidding (CBS)
  • MTA Failed to Implement Safety Protocol That Could’ve Prevented LIRR Crash (Post)
  • DMV to Suspend Toll Cheats’ Vehicle Registrations (NewsPost)
  • Lobbyists Attack de Blasio Waste Carting Reform Plan (News)
  • How Long Will de Blasio Ignore Street Dysfunction Around Trump Tower? (DNA)
  • Woman Crushed by Bus Driver Not Injured Enough for NYPD to Investigate (Post 1, 2; News 12)
  • Erstwhile Albany Power Broker John Sampson Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison (NYT)

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