Today’s Headlines

  • Why Are NYC Streets Constantly Cut Up? (NYT)
  • Livery Cab Driver Kills Pedestrian on Staten Island Expressway Service Road (Post)
  • Driver Hits Delivery Cyclist in Amsterdam Ave Bike Lane Near 83rd Street (WSR)
  • More Coverage of City Hall’s Push to Reform Commercial Trash Carting, Featuring Norm Steisel (Politico)
  • Karen Overton: DSNY’s Abandoned Bike Policy Update Doesn’t Go Far Enough (AMNY)
  • People Choose Dollar Vans Where They Provide Faster, More Reliable Service Than Buses (Economist)
  • What Happens When You Alert the MTA to a Hot Car (WNYC)
  • 6 Advocates and Experts Design Fantasy Subway Maps for Wired
  • Distracted Driving Has Attained “Way of Life” Status in New Jersey (NYT)
  • The Times Made a Streetfilm About Why We Need a Wider Walk/Bike Path on the Brooklyn Bridge

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