Today’s Headlines

  • No Subway Service as NYPD Standoff With “Disturbed” Man Shuts Columbus Circle (NewsAMNY, NY1)
  • Nadler and Other Pols Say Port Authority Is Rushing Bus Terminal Plan (Politico)
  • More Coverage of Advocates’ and Electeds’ Call to Fix City Buses: Politico, DNAAMNY, NY1
  • Cop Who Killed Andrew Esquivel Fired (DNA); Bratton: Drunk Driving “Not a Problem” at NYPD (NYT)
  • Related: How Often Does the State Liquor Authority Get Involved in DWI Investigations? (DNA)
  • As NYPD Focuses on Deadly Driving Behavior, NY1 Asks: Who’s Policing Scofflaw Cyclists?
  • Unlicensed Driver Arrested After Striking Pedestrian, Reportedly a Child, in Stapleton (Advance)
  • People Can’t Figure Out How to Get to LaGuardia Without Driving Themselves (CBS)
  • Staten Island Ferry Commuters Fighting Each Other to Charge Their Phones (NYT, Advance)
  • Citi Bike Is Expanding in Jersey City (Journal)

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