Today’s Headlines

  • Momentum for Gateway Tunnel: Someone’s in Charge, Federal Funding Expected (WSJ, Politico)
  • The Constant Stress of Walking While Black in NYC (LitHub)
  • Demonstrating in the Street That Black Lives Matter? Bratton Doesn’t Want to Hear It (Gothamist)
  • Pokémon Go, Curing America’s Obesity Epidemic One Rattata at a Time… (NYTNews)
  • …and Giving the Nation a Terrifying New Distracted Driving Threat (Jalopnik, AMNY)
  • How Bed Stuy Restoration Introduced Bed Stuy Residents to Bike-Share (AMNY)
  • Vacca Blames Bronx CB 10 for Dangerous Conditions Where Driver Killed Giovanni Nin (Bx Times)
  • UberPOOL Tries to Compete on Price With the Subway (AMNY)
  • 2nd Ave Sagas: Select Bus Service Is Good, But NYC Can Do Better
  • Don’t Believe the Driverless Car Hype (NYT)

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