Today’s Headlines

  • Hit-and-Run Drivers Kill Three People in Manhattan and the Bronx (Gothamist 1, 2; Post; News 1, 2)
  • Motorist Kills 52-Year-Old Po Chu Ng in Sixth Avenue Crosswalk; No Charges (Gothamist)
  • Manslaughter Charge for Speeding, Impaired Driver in Fatal East New York Collision (Post)
  • Taxi Driver Critically Injures Pedestrian on Upper West Side (Gothamist)
  • With Session Ending, Albany Isn’t Talking About Toll Reform (NYT); Poughkeepsie Journal: “Indefensible”
  • David Weprin Is Out to Torpedo City Program That Forgives Companies for Parking Tickets (Post)
  • Queens CB 6 Endorses Elizabeth Crowley’s Jamaica-LIC Light Rail Proposal (DNA)
  • Kabak: The MTA and DOT Aren’t Helpless to Improve Bus Travel (2AS)
  • Friends Remember Leah Sylvain, Killed by Motorist Who Failed to Yield (DNA)
  • It’s Wrong to Arrest Drivers for Killing People Who Have the Right of Way, Say These Attorneys (Advance)

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