Today’s Headlines

  • Riders Alliance: L Train Riders Want Bus Lanes and Bike Lanes While Subway’s Shut Down (AMNY)
  • TLC Setting New Rules to Reduce Fatigued Driving — How About Better Pay? (News)
  • Cuomo’s State DOT Refuses to Tell the Public How It’s Spending Their Money (MTR)
  • Christie Vetoes Port Authority Reform Bill (Crain’s)
  • With the Q Getting Routed to Second Avenue, MTA Will Revive the W (2nd Ave SagasAMNY)
  • A Post Editor Racked Up 2,000 Miles on Citi Bike
  • The Daily News Sides With David Greenfield on F Express
  • Letting the Noisiest Voices Dictate the Agenda Is No Way to Set Transportation Policy (IVM)
  • Fear and Loathing on Queens Boulevard (TL)
  • Reimagining the Streets Underneath the Livonia Avenue Elevated (ioby)
  • The Infrastructure Fantasy That Makes Gondolas Look Great (Curbed, DNA)

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