Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Issues RFP for MetroCard Replacement (NewsPost)
  • State Lawmakers Want to Enable Police to Scan Drivers’ Phones After Crashes (Gothamist, Post)
  • Post Lionizes Cop Who Blamed Ticket on de Blasio, Now Suspended (PostGothamist, News)
  • Post Lets David Weprin Rant Against Toll Reform
  • Driver Who Killed Mary Cergua on Hylan Boulevard Charged Under Right of Way Law (Post)
  • Suffolk: Curb-Jumping Driver Kills Mom and Dog (Post, WABC); Psycho Targets Red Light Cameras (Post)
  • Riders Alliance: Presidential Candidates Should Make Transit a Priority, Not a Prop (News)
  • Who Would Cover the Cost of Transit Fare Discounts for the Poor? (Slant)
  • Gothamist Delves Into the History of Community Boards
  • The Shelly Silver Machine Is Alive and Well (Voice)

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