Today’s Headlines

  • State Budget Throws a Bone to NYC With $1.5B for 2nd Ave Subway (2ASNYT, PoliticoPost)
  • Center for an Urban Future Maps How Long Your Long Commute Is (Gothamist, DNA, Crain’s)
  • Tony Avella and Ron Kim Say City Should Delay Flushing Rezoning Until Transit Improves (News)
  • Port Authority Entertains Eminent Domain for Bus Terminal (Crain’s)
  • Former City Officials Back Plan to Overhaul Waste Carting Zones (Politico)
  • Cop Who Nearly Ran Over Postman He Arrested Loses Gun and Badge for Now (Post)
  • Driver Charged With Murder for Killing MTA Bus Driver Rejects Vance Plea Offer (News)
  • Nassau Nanny in a Coma After Saving Baby From Turning Driver Who “Will Not Be Charged” (AP)
  • The Post Ran a Column Lambasting New Jersey’s Inane “Distracting Walking” Bill
  • Reality Intrudes on Fantasy at the Car Show (Post)
  • The MTA Is Doing Whaat? (MTR)

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