Today’s Headlines

  • Interim Org Formed to Get Gateway Going; Schumer Hopes to Start Digging in 2018 (Post)
  • While Cuomo Spends Lavishly on Upstate Roads, He’s Squeezing NYC Medicaid (Politico)
  • Crain’s Editors Cautiously Optimistic on de Blasio Ferries
  • Happy Talk Notwithstanding, DOT Budget Is Stretched to the Max (Post)
  • A Thousand Citi Bikes Will Be Taken Out of Circulation for Maintenance (NY1)
  • 20th Precinct Says It Can’t Figure Out How to Ticket Speeding Drivers (DNA)
  • TLC Looks to Tighten Rules Against Sexual Harassment of Taxi Passengers (Gothamist)
  • Water Street Property Owners Want Covered Sidewalks Opened to Commercial Use (WSJ)
  • If You Think Sandy Was Bad, Wait Until This Lower East Side Gas Station Closes (DNA)
  • It Is What It Is (Politico@ShellySilver)

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