Today’s Headlines

  • Meet the Circular Firing Squad Responsible for the Leaky Hudson Yards 7 Station (NYT)
  • City Council to Vote Next Week on Giving DOT Authority to Establish New Rules for Plazas (Gothamist)
  • Another Downside to Having Two Different Bike-Share Systems in Neighboring Cities (Jersey Journal)
  • Gridlock Sam Talks Move NY and Crumbling BQE With the Brooklyn Paper
  • 2016 Bike Map Is Out — Check Twitter and Update It Accordingly (Gothamist, DNA 1, 2)
  • Northern Boulevard Will Get New Pedestrian Islands, Crosswalks, Turn Bans in July (TL)
  • How Vision Zero Parallels the Fight Against Drunk Driving a Generation Ago (Velojoy)
  • 300 More Parking Spaces Coming to St. George/SI Ferry Terminal (YIMBY)
  • Winter’s Over — Time for the Year’s First Coverage of the Cramped Brooklyn Bridge Bike/Ped Path (WSJ)
  • The Joy of Biking Around NYC With Young Kids (@jehiah)

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