Today’s Headlines

  • Your Train Is Randomly Being Held at the Station by NYPD. Please Be Patient. (AMNYPost)
  • NJ Transit Workers Set to Strike (NYT) Amid Calls for Christie’s Resignation (APP, NYT, WSJ)
  • Christie Isn’t the Only Tri-State Governor With Zero Credibility on Funding Transit (MTRGothamist)
  • Trottenberg Tells Council Woodhaven SBS Would Cost $400M, Double the Original Budget (Politico)
  • Trottenberg Names Amazon and Fresh Direct as Contributors to Traffic Congestion (News)
  • NY1’s Roger Clark: Citi Bike Is a Valuable and Beloved Service That Wastes Curbside Parking Spots
  • Hit-and-Run Drivers Critically Injure Senior in Gravesend (DNA), Hurt Cop in SI (Advance, News)
  • NYPD Cop Killed on NJ Turnpike Drew Gun on Another Driver Before He Was Struck (Gothamist)
  • Julissa Ferreras-Copeland Questions DDC on Project Delays and Budget Increases (DNA)
  • David Greenfield Says MTA Is Withholding Study on Restoring F Express (BK Daily)
  • Kimmelman: Calatrava’s PATH Station Much Pricier Than Grand Central Was, and For What? (NYT)

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