Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Charged With Manslaughter for Killing SI Cyclist Stanley Marshall (Gothamist, News, Advance)
  • Think the Port Authority Is Hopeless? Read This: Record
  • Staten Island Electeds Call Out de Blasio for Prioritizing BQX Over West Shore Light Rail (Advance)
  • Stringer Says City Is Sitting on Hundreds of Vacant Lots That Could Be Used for Housing (NYT)
  • Queens CB 5 Again Votes Against Ridgewood Street Festival, Because Parking (Times Ledger)
  • DOT to Try Signal Timing Tweak to Reduce Bus Crashes Around Adams and Fulton (DNA)
  • Parks Department Issues RFP for Bike Rental Concessions in Staten Island Parks (DNA)
  • The Sierra Club Wants New York State to Subsidize Electric Car Purchases (HuffPo)
  • New Jersey’s Transportation Funding Mess Will Fester Until Chris Christie Goes Away (MTR)
  • Gothamist Scored an Interview With Robert Caro, and It’s Good

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