Today’s Headlines

  • Subways Just About Back to Normal After Jonas (2nd Ave Sagas, AMNY)
  • City Council Isn’t About to Rubber Stamp de Blasio’s Horse Carriage Plan (Politico)
  • Why Are So Many NYC Sidewalks Entombed By Construction Sheds? (Crain’s)
  • Meet One of the 25 Drivers Caught Breaking the Jonas Travel Ban (News, Post)
  • Lots of Walking, Playing, Skiing in the Streets This Weekend (Gothamist)
  • Scenes From This Morning’s Car Commute (Advance)
  • How New Yorkers Got Around a Snow-Covered City Before Street-Running Rail (DNA)
  • TransitCenter Pulls Out Some Ideas Worth Noting From the City’s Uber Report
  • Opponents of Better Bus Service on Woodhaven Blvd Are Taking Their Campaign Online (TL)
  • Here’s What an NYC Subway Car With Open Gangways Might Look Like (2nd Ave Sagas)

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