Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio Claims Horse Carriage Deal Will Reduce Midtown Congestion (Politico, ObserverNYTNews)
  • The Post Roots for the Destruction of the Pedicab Industry
  • Here Are the Really Big Cuomo War Chest Suppliers (Politico)
  • Family Mourns Thomas McAnulty, 73, and Seeks Answers NYPD Isn’t Providing (DNANews)
  • Just Another Day of Reckless Driving and Fleeing the Scene in Brooklyn (News, DNA, Bklyn Paper 1, 2)
  • Construction Workers Parking All Over the Sidewalk in Gowanus With Impunity (Bklyn Paper)
  • Off-Duty Cop Arrested for Driving Drunk in Sunset Park (News)
  • Stapleton Residents Want Better Transit, Safer Streets to Accompany Bay Street Rezoning (Advance)
  • AMNY Listifies the News About the L Train Shutdown
  • Cap’n Transit: No More Two-Way to One-Way Conversions
  • What’s the Best Way to Handle Station Rehab Work? Vote at Second Ave Sagas

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