Today’s Headlines

  • Surprise! Cuomo’s MTA Funding Pledge Was a Bait-and-Switch (C&S, McMahon, 2ASPolitico)
  • After Tough Talk (Politico), Cuomo Gets Mealymouthed on NYC Budget Hit (NYT 1, 2; News 1, 2)
  • De Blasio Reminds the Public That the MTA Is a State Agency Controlled by the Governor (Politico)
  • Drivers Seriously Injure Pedestrians on Amsterdam Ave., Ocean Ave.; NYPD Blames Victims (News)
  • City Study Rumored to Show Uber Isn’t Causing Congestion Increase (NYT, WSJ, Post)
  • Joshi: TLC Will Relax Cab Driver Work Rules, Introduce Universal Licensing (Crain’s)
  • Judge Finds Gene Friedman Tried to Defraud Creditors by Shifting Assets Offshore (Real Deal)
  • Firefighter Pens Moving Letter to Unknown Woman Who Comforted Richard Oates (News)
  • Motorist Dead After Flipping Car in New Dorp (Advance); Speeding Bronx Driver Injures Cops (AP)
  • Gondolas? (HuffPo)

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