Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Election Day! (NYC CFB)
  • There Are DA Races in the Bronx and Staten Island (BxTimes, Observer)
  • Mother of Nyanna Aquil: “I Feel Only Pain, Numbness and Sorrow” (GothamistPost)
  • Most New Yorkers Aren’t Paying Attention to MTA Budget Issues (Politico)
  • Gelinas: What If This Is Just the Start of the Delays for 2nd Ave Subway Phase 2? (Post)
  • Way More Commuters in Daneek Miller‘s District Take Transit Into Manhattan Than Drive (MTR)
  • Greenway or Rail Right-of-Way in the South Bronx? (Crain’s)
  • 2nd Ave Sagas: The Livonia-Junius Transfer in MTA Capital Plan Is a Big Deal
  • There Are Shuttered Entrances at 1 in 4 Subway Stations (AMNY)
  • Shocker: Taxi Kingpin Freidman Accused of Cheating the MTA (Post)
  • Cap’n Transit Has Stopped Using the Word “Gentrification”

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