Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo Says NYC Should Fund MTA, But He Won’t Let NYC Fund MTA With Tolls (CapNY, WNYC)
  • Mayor Backs Down on Uber Cap After Gov Weighs In (NYT, News, AP, CapNYWSJ, NY1, PostAMNY)
  • MTA Finds Some Change Under the Cushions to Pay for Capital Plan (NYT, News, Post, AMNY)
  • Lander: Let’s Make Off-Board Fare Payment Standard for All MTA Buses (C&S)
  • Chris Christie’s Neglect of NJ Transit Is Really Showing This Week (NYT)
  • MTA: Subway Delays Have Stopped Getting Worse (DNA)
  • “Medallion Owners vs. Uber Is Real-Life Alien vs. Predator” (News)
  • Some Medallion Lenders Opposed de Blasio’s Bill Because It Legitimized Uber Hails (Crain’s)
  • Evgeny Freidman and the Rest of the Medallion Industry Are Facing Collapse (Crain’s)
  • MTR Has Some Other Ideas to Tackle NYC’s Congestion Problem
  • Man on Bike Critically Injured After Colliding With Pedestrian and Hitting Pavement on Dekalb Ave (News)

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