Today’s Headlines

  • The Big Message From Vision Zero Vigil: “There Are No Accidents” (Gizmodo, Treehugger)
  • NJ Transit Fares Rise Again on Christie’s Watch While NJ’s Gas Tax Stays Flat (WNYCNYT, News)
  • Denise Richardson: “Albany’s Culture of Neglecting the MTA Has Never Been More Apparent” (GG)
  • Amtrak Has Already Started to Lay the Ground for Gateway Tunnel (Crain’s)
  • 25+ Curb Extensions Make It Safer to Walk Under Park Ave Viaduct (DNA)
  • DOT to Put Benches on 2nd Ave After Subway Opens – What About the Protected Bike Lane? (DNA)
  • MTA Still Doesn’t Have the Hang of How to Roll Out Off-Board Fare Payment (News)
  • Uber Turns Up Aggression Against City Hall (News); Council to Vote on License Cap Next Week (Post)
  • Third High School Student Dies From Injuries in Orange County Driver’s Ed Crash (News, NYT)
  • Fung Wah Bus Won’t Be Coming Back (DNA)
  • Can Anyone Save New York From Oppressive Sidewalk Sheds? (CapNY)

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