Today’s Headlines

  • Veronica Vanterpool: Let’s Help Bus Drivers Operate Safely Without Gutting Right of Way Law (News)
  • Albany Shouldn’t Be Tempted to Cut Short the MTA Capital Plan and Call It a Victory (Crain’s)
  • Queens CB 4 Complains About Not Being Consulted at Meeting Where It Is Being Consulted (Q Trib)
  • Police Searching for Hit-and-Run Cyclist Who Sent Woman in Bike Lane to ICU (WNBC)
  • Seven Injured in Multi-Car Pileup on Lenox Avenue and 125th Street Wednesday (WNBC)
  • Cheap Parking Plus Lax Enforcement: WNBC Finds NYCHA Lot Full of Freeloading Car Owners
  • Weekend J Trains Extend to Broad St, Fulton Center Starting This Sunday (News, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • MTA Board Members Slam Colleague That Astorino Wants to Represent Westchester (Post)
  • The Man Who Wants the PATH Added to the Subway Map Asks Straphangers What They Think (
  • This Is One Way to Make “I’ll Only Be a Minute” Double-Parked Drivers Think Twice (DNA)

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