Today’s Headlines

  • NYT Endorses Move NY Toll Reform Plan
  • Crain’s Talks With Walder About New Dock Software and Other Citi Bike Upgrades
  • Reappointed Prendergast Calls Capital Program His Top Priority (Emma G. Fitzsimmons, News)
  • Cuomo Announces $1 Billion Fed Loan for Commuter Rail Positive Train Control (ObserverPost)
  • Nicole Gelinas (Post) and Daily News Slam Cuomo and de Blasio for Transit Happy Talk
  • MTA Now Expects to Open 7 Line Extension This Summer (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • 78th Precinct Doesn’t Need a Law to Ticket Cyclists for Cell Phone Use (Bklyn Paper)
  • CO of 88th Precinct, Where Drivers Do What They Please, Brags on Cyclist Crackdown (DNA)
  • Green Cab Driver Rams, Flips Daily News Truck, Killing Paper Delivery Man (News, Post)
  • Bratton Opposes Decriminalizing Sidewalk Biking, Park After Dark, and Other Offenses (Post)
  • Daily News Op-Ed Writer Proposes Confiscating Bikes for Sidewalk Riding
  • New York State DMV Lets High School Kids Conduct Vehicle Inspections (Post)

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