Today’s Headlines

  • Daily News Dings de Blasio for Professed Ignorance of Move NY Toll Reform Plan
  • Car-Free Streets Critic Susan Dominus Filed a Pretty Good NYT Magazine Vision Zero Piece
  • Ydanis Rodriguez Wants Medallion Commission and City-Funded “Restitution” for Owners (Capital, Post)
  • Related: Schneiderman Sues Fleet Mogul Evgeny Friedman for Cheating Drivers (Crain’s)
  • Stringer Audit Finds MTA Express Buses Are Bogged Down in Traffic (AdvanceCapital)
  • Queens CB 1 Cranks Vinicio Donato and Lucille Hartmann Step Down After 40+ Years (QChron)
  • Assembly Rep Aravella Simotas Urges DOT to Get Moving on GCP/Astoria Blvd. Intersection Fixes (TL)
  • Leroy Comrie Introduces Bill to Give Albany Control Over MTA Ad Content (QChron)
  • Robert Caro Recounts the Moment Robert Moses Lost His Mojo (NYT)
  • The Times Discovers Cargo Bikes, and a Mom Concedes to the Thrill of Walking

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