Today’s Headlines

  • Reforming Parking Requirements Could Help Housing Affordability, If Pols Will Let It (Capital)
  • Industry City Wants Acres of New Parking on City Land as It Redevelops (Bklyn Daily, Crain’s)
  • MTA Tests Bike Rack on Bus Across Verrazano (Advance); For Alternate Reality, Check the Post
  • Straphangers Campaign, MTA Board Members Urge Cuomo to Renew Prendergast’s Contract (News)
  • Uptown Community Boards Can Be the Biggest Obstacle to Vision Zero (Spectator)
  • Study: MTA Bus Time Led to a 2 Percent Increase in Ridership (CityLab)
  • Ferries: Highly-Subsidized, Serving Wealthier Neighborhoods — And Popular Among Pols (Slate)
  • Countdown to When Entire Subway Will Get Countdown Clocks Stuck at “Not Yet” (Gothamist)
  • Study: Charging Fee to Drive in London’s CBD Has Reduced Traffic Crashes Citywide (Guardian)
  • For an Overpowered, Stop-and-Go Luxury Drive Across Midtown, Check In to the St. Regis (WSJ)
  • Lincoln Center Found a Convenient Place to Dump Its Snow: In the Middle of Columbus Ave (WNBC)

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