Today’s Headlines

  • Fare Hike Official; Advos Call for Aid From NYC and Cuomo, Again (NYTNews, Post, SAS)
  • Albany, Ladies and Gentlemen: NYT, NYT, CapNYWSJPost, Crain’s
  • Uber Loses Appeal, Still Doesn’t Plan to Hand Over Trip Data to TLC (News)
  • Thousands of Uber Drivers Are Part-Time With No Professional Driving Experience (News, BuzzFeed)
  • At UWS Safety Forum, Jill Abramson Calls Pedestrian Deaths “the Perfect Crime” (Gothamist)
  • Dana Lerner Says 24th Precinct Slowdown Put Lives at Risk (DNA)
  • “Motor Courts” — AKA Driveways — a Trending Must-Have Among NYC Elite (Crain’s)
  • The Story of the MetroCard Vending Machine Touch Screen (Next City)
  • 311 Is a Joke … Until NYPD Arrests You for Trying to Make It Work (News)
  • Moon Shot From Davos: Every City on Earth Should Be Car-Free (Biz Insider)

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