Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Kills Woman, 69, Crossing Bell Boulevard in Bayside (News, WPIX)
  • NYPD Officers Continue to Reverse Enforcement Slowdown; Moving Violations Bounce Back (NYT, Post)
  • After Years of Delay, DMV to Hold Safety Hearing for Truck Driver Who Killed Mathieu Lefevre (Post)
  • To Community Board’s Dismay, SPURA Developer Drops Parking From Transit-Rich Site (Lo-Down)
  • Uber Trips Don’t Include Taxi Surcharge That Helps Support Bus and Subway Service (News)
  • A Closer Look at DOT’s Proposal for Bike Lanes on Clove Road (Advance)
  • Errol Louis: Cuomo Should Use $5 Billion Windfall to Fund Long-Promised Infrastructure Bank (News)
  • Assembly Member Michael Miller Wants to Ban Overnight Parking for Cars Registered Out of State (Post)
  • Delayed Rollout of MetroCard Replacement Will Have Big Cost for MTA (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • NY Mag Looks at Car2Go in NYC, Finds It’s Not Clear If Service Creates Traffic or Reduces Congestion
  • Is Trottenberg’s “Culture Eats Policy for Breakfast” Mantra Just an Excuse? (Brooklyn Spoke)

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