Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo’s Reinvention Commission Invisible as MTA Releases Capital Plan (Capital, Crain’s)
  • To Fill Massive Gap, MTA Proposes Shifting Payroll Tax From Operating to Capital Budget (Gannett)
  • WPIX Files Powerful Human Interest Report on Hit-and-Run Victim; Driver Remains at Large
  • Brooklyn Spoke Analyzes Sam Freedman’s Stale Bikelash Tropes in the New Yorker
  • NYPD Out in Force in Central Park, Ticketing Cyclists (WPIXPost)
  • Some Guy Thinks He Was Buzzed By Jason Marshall Two Months Ago, and the Post Runs With It
  • Bottom Line: Be Nice to Each Other; We Are All Flesh and Bone (CityLab, NYT)
  • More Coverage of New Hit-and-Run Fines (NewsWNYCGothamistNY1DNAAdvance)
  • Council Member Chaim Deutsch Defends Speed Cam for Catching Speeders (Sheepshead Bites)
  • Elderly Driver Hits Reverse, Smashes Into Flushing Grocery Store (Post)
  • MTA Rejects Vincent Gentile’s Request for a One-Day Toll Cut on the VNB (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Closing a Crumbling Parking Garage? That’s an Ideal Site for New Affordable Housing (Times Ledger)

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