Today’s Headlines

  • Study: Cab-Sharing Could Drastically Cut Traffic (NYT)
  • Left-Turning Taxi Driver Kills Woman, 58, in Crosswalk at 79th and Madison (NewsWCBS, NY1)
  • Driver Kills 53-Year-Old Man on Liberty Avenue in Jamaica (NY1, TL, WABC)
  • SUV Driver Kills Man, 62, Crossing Avenue P at Ocean Pkwy in Midwood (News 12, Bklyn Paper)
  • Drivers Refuse to Use New, More Ped-Friendly Turn Pattern at Flatbush and Myrtle (Bklyn Paper)
  • Seven License Suspensions Didn’t Stop This Man From Driving a Tractor-Trailer in NYC (Advance)
  • Pedestrian Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge Park Remains Closed for Repairs (Gothamist)
  • After Turning Speed Cams Off, Nassau County Enforcement Returns (WABC, WCBS)
  • Busy Jersey City Block Goes Car-Free; “They’re Trying to Turn It Into New York City” (NYT)
  • That’s One Way to Deal With a Placard Abuser (Tribeca Citizen)

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