Today’s Headlines

  • With Work Slowly Moving Ahead at Amtrak’s Moynihan Station, Schumer Calls for More Funds (NYT)
  • Teachout: Then-Candidate Cuomo Did Nothing to Stop Christie From Cancelling ARC Tunnel (News)
  • News Backs Christie on ARC “Monstrosity,” Says Teachout “Has No Idea What She’s Talking About”
  • $4.9 Million Expansion in Bus Service Takes Effect in Five Boros Sunday (NewsDNA)
  • Driver Critically Injures Cyclist on Ocean Pkwy — Bklyn Daily Has Info on Helmet But Not Driver
  • TLC Releases Safety Honor Roll; Top Cabbie’s Own Son Was Hit by Driver Two Years Ago (WSJ, News)
  • Squadron and Riders Alliance Push MTA to Keep Free “Walking Transfer” From G to J/M (News)
  • Who Needs Regulation of the Taxi (App) Industry When This Is How Startups Behave? (Verge)
  • Combining Transportation and Housing Costs Is Good, But Not the Whole Story (CNU)
  • Cops In Bike Lanes: Glaring Hypocrisy Edition (Village Voice, NY1)
  • NYC Press Corps Doggedly Follows Up on Injuries Caused by Parks Dept. Driver (DNA, News)

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