Today’s Headlines

  • Tom Vanderbilt: Street Design Cues Slow Down Drivers, and NYC Needs More (NYT)
  • Classy: Chris Christie Trolls NJ Transit Rider Sitting on Delayed Train (WNYC)
  • It’s Not a Casino, But @NYGovCuomo Still Psyched About the New Suburban Mall in Baychester
  • The Post Profiles Irving Schachter
  • WNYC Kind of Acknowledges That Drivers Block Bike Lanes, But Doesn’t Report On It
  • “Vicious Cycle” Redux: Bike Ticket Blitz Rouses the Post to Comment on Street Safety (@BrooklynSpoke)
  • Sticking Up for Ticketed Drivers Is the Tabloids’ Idea of Traffic Justice (News)
  • Hoylman Wants Bus Crash Records Made Public (DNA)
  • Disconnected Bike-Ped Trail Gets Inwoodites Closer to the Hudson, But Not Downtown (NYT)
  • A Brooklyn Landlord Is Giving Fixies to Tenants (DNA)
  • Pedestrians Aren’t Safe From This Narcissist, Even When Parked (NYT)

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