Today’s Headlines

  • City Council’s Albany Wish List: Commuter Tax, Speed Limits, Cameras, Truck Safety (WSJObserver)
  • Black Boxes Can Help Crash Investigations, But Schumer Wants to Give Drivers an “Off” Switch (Forum)
  • MNR’s New President Releases 100-Day Safety Plan, Including New Investigation Unit (WCBS, Post)
  • Tri-State: MTA’s New Chief Safety Officer Must Focus on More Than Just Rails
  • 78th Precinct Continues to Outpace Its Neighbors in Dangerous Driving Enforcement (Bklyn Paper)
  • WCBS Covers UWS Signs Questioning the Wisdom of NYPD’s Pedestrian Warnings
  • Rubén Diaz in City Limits on His Bill to Require Truck Wheel Guards, Named for Amar Diarrassouba
  • Woman Injured Boarding Bus in Brownsville After Second MTA Bus Driver Rear-Ends It (Post)
  • NYPD Still Hunting for ATV Driver Who Dragged One of Their Own After Traffic Stop (NYT, Post, News)
  • Whitestone Community Board and Neighbors Oppose Sidewalk Cafe Because of …Parking? (News)
  • According to This Kickstarter Campaign, What Citi Bike Needs Is an Electric Boost (Gothamist)

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