Today’s Headlines

  • “Speed Demon” Parking Lot Plow Driver Kills Min Lin, 36 and Pregnant; Doctors Deliver Baby (Post, DNA)
  • Harlem’s CB 10 Continues Attacking SBS, Saying It Will Harm the Elderly and Disabled (Spectator)
  • 28th Pct Will Target Drivers on 125th St; Commanding Officer Dismisses Jaywalking Crackdown (News)
  • Brooklyn CB 2 Moves Ahead With Supporting Slow Zone After CB 3 Backs Out (DNA, Bklyn Paper)
  • Howard Beach Seniors Must Cross Dangerous Intersection to Reach New Senior Center (News)
  • NY-Presbyterian: Roads Are Clear, But Slippery Sidewalks Mean Increase in Pedestrian Injuries (WNYC)
  • News Takes UES Electeds to Task for Trashing 91st Street Waste Station Without Suggesting Alternative
  • AIA-NY Competition Offers Conceptual Designs for QueensWay (Curbed, News)
  • 72nd Pct Plans “Program Focused on Teaching Asian People the Rules of the Road” (Bklyn Paper)
  • Sneckdown Madness Hits The Economist and The Week

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