Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio Expected to Announce Police Commissioner Today (NYT); Bratton Top Contender (CapNY)
  • Commuter Rail One of the Safest Modes of Travel (WNYC); WPIX Proposes, Then Dismisses, Seat Belts
  • Early Reports Indicate Metro-North Engineer Was Asleep Before Derailment (Post, DNA)
  • Bronx DA Robert Johnson Subpoenaed MNR Engineer’s Blood and Phone Records After Crash (NYT)
  • APNews Look at Whether Positive Train Control Tech Could Have Prevented Sunday’s Crash
  • The Economist Worries About How Bicycling Will Fare Under Bill de Blasio
  • Traffic Calming Planned for Deadly East Tremont Avenue Gets Thumbs Up From CB 10 and the News
  • Alex Pareene: Most Politicos Ignore Transit Because They Don’t Ride It (Salon via 2nd Avenue Sagas)
  • Times Editorial Applauds State Police for SUVs That Allow Officers to See Drivers Texting
  • In San Francisco, Police Use Twitter to Help Catch Bike Thieves (Outside via Brokelyn)
  • E.B. White Could Recall a New York City That Wasn’t Taken Over by Cars (Green Lane Project)

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