Today’s Headlines

  • Cy Vance and the TLC Are Powerless Against Him, But Daily News Says Faysal Himon Can’t Get Work
  • Sian Green’s Attorney: Cabbie Rammed Cyclist (NYT); Post and Mateo: Cyclist Caused “Accident”
  • While Medallions Sell for Millions, Cabbies Struggling to Make It Won’t Be the Safest Drivers (NYT)
  • Via Grist, TA Staffers Offer de Blasio a Six-Point Plan to Make Streets Safer
  • Next City: With Projects Planned and Underway, Transit Not an Issue for East Side Rezoning
  • The TLC Is Taking Suggestions for Boro Taxi Stands
  • Red Hook School With Scant Transit Options Has to Hire Buses for Kids’ Field Trips (DNA)
  • Queens NIMBYs Say Bioswales Attract Mosquitoes — and Take Away Parking (DNA)
  • City Council Speaker Hopefuls Held a Debate or Something Last Night (News)
  • Yglesias: Losing Traffic Signals Is a Great Way to Promote Human-Powered Transport (Slate)
  • With NYPD and the City Press Corps at the Ready, What Reckless Driver Needs a Lawyer? (News)

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