Today’s Headlines

  • Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against EDC’s South Bronx FreshDirect Subsidies (Crain’sDNANews)
  • Driver Falls Asleep, Rear-Ends Garbage Truck; Sanitation Worker May Lose Leg as Result (PostWCBS)
  • Traffic and North Shore Transit High on List of Concerns at S.I. Ferris Wheel and Mall Hearing (Advance)
  • Dozens of Candidates Ask MTA to Use Unexpected Funds to Restore Service Cuts (AdvanceNews)
  • Nicole Gelinas on Bike-Share’s Benefits and Risk Posed By Large Truck Operators (City Journal)
  • Throwing Trash on Bike-Share Docks? That’s How One Brooklyn Heights Building Rolls (Post)
  • Meanwhile, Bike-Share Closes in on 30,000 Annual Members (Citi Bike)
  • This Daily News Opinion Piece Is So Wrong (Factually and Otherwise), It’s Hard to Know Where to Start
  • Paul Krugman: NYC’s Anti-Bike Elite Are “Members of the Modern Carriage Trade” (NYT)
  • A Look at Senator Frank Lautenberg’s Transit Legacy (WNYC, MTR)
  • Electeds Laud Kosciuszko Expansion; Markowitz: Drivers Should “Get the Respect They Deserve” (News)

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